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Renovations and alterations

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Waterproofing for residential and industrial specification


Our Vision

The responsibility to continue to uphold the brand in providing excellent service and workmanship to all of our clients and stakeholders.


Our Mission

To deliver quality construction services that provide a positive economic benefit to the client and to the greater community.

Our Values

Quality, Integrity and Service Excellence.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Mzali & Sons Construction

Mzali & Sons Construction has been operating successfully in Port Elizabeth since 1993. We have established strong relationships with both corporate, industrial & private clients in the greater Port Elizabeth area for our construction services.

We are a 3rd generation, 100% BBBEE-owned and operated family business.

Mzali is a Nguni word which means parents and is also an amalgamation of the names of one of our director’s parent’s names. Our brand reflects our business and family values, an acknowledgement of the contributions made by previous generations and the responsibility to continue to uphold the brand in providing excellent service and workmanship to all of our clients and stakeholders.

Mzali & Sons has over 40 years of expertise gained in the construction industry with projects completed in the corporate, industrial and residential construction markets.

The longest standing and experienced construction company in Port Elizabeth.

 Professional construction and renovation contractor in Port Elizabeth

The biggest question home owners ask themselves is, who am I doing business with? How long am I going to wait for my renovations or construction? Many companies make promises of time and workmanship and so many of them fail their client. At Mzali and Sons in Port Elizabeth our promise is our honor. We are registered and approved service providers and we have the qualification and experience to ensure that you are our number one priority.

Our Speciality

Our construction company in Port Elizabeth specialize in construction and home improvements. You will find that among many other building contractors in Port Elizabeth, Mzali and Sons are not only the longest standing building contractor, and also provide you with the highest quality contractor and home improvement work.

It is always important to be vigilant of companies who promise you a quick solutions to your home improvement and extensions. Mzali and Sons not only makes promises. We focus on getting your construction and home renovations completed within the agreed time frame.

The difference with our construction company in Port Elizabeth is that we provide you the highest of quality construction and renovation to your home and commercial property. We have experienced construction employees who are managed and monitored. We have qualified electricians, pavers and the best roofers in Port Elizabeth and highly experienced bricklayers. Mzali and Sons is your trusted construction contractor in Port Elizabeth and we have years of experience to prove it.



As professional building contractors we also come with loads of knowledge and we will ensure that we provide you with the right advice to your construction and home renovation. Some building contractors in Port Elizabeth would want to give you the quickest way and give you exactly what you want. Even though this may not be the right decision for your home renovation. Our building contractors will provide you with the correct advice to ensure that we keep you a satisfied client. We believe in the longevity of our business relationship and by providing you with excellent building services we can maintain our future services.

At Mzali and Sons, your trusted construction company in Port Elizabeth will also provide you with a free estimate on your home renovation.

We’ve Been Building For Over 40 years

Mzali & Sons adheres to occupational health and safety requirements as prescribed by the Occupation Health and Safety Act of 1993. In consultation with our clients we complete a risk assessment of each job site prior to the commencement of any work in order to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

Client Testimonials

“The waterproofing, additions and alterations done at our premises demonstrate the highest quality workmanship which Mzali & Sons are known for. ” Mr R Norje


“The quality workmanship, service excellence and competitive pricing are the reasons why we have had an ongoing relationship with Mzali & Sons over the last 18 years. ” Mr B Abrahams

Willard Batteries

“Working with Mzali & Sons is always a pleasure. They keep their work-area clean and always deliver quality work. ” Mr O Kairef


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